Budoni and  San Teodoro Villages 


A seaside resort, budoni is located on the north-eastern part of the Sardinia's island. It borders with the San Teodoro's resort to the north and with Posada's resort to the south. You can arrive to budoni follwing the famous SS 125 road know with the name "Orientale Sarda" which follows the eastern coastline from Cagliari to Olbia.
The budoni's territory includes 18 km of coastline with marvellous landscapes and sandy beaches.Very important is also the turistic harbour of Porto Ottiolu which is located at no more than 10 km from Budoni's village.
During the summer season, Budoni is a very important resort and it receives about 60.000/70.000 tourists.
The beauty of its landscapes, its transparent, coloured sea make this village one of the most desired holiday Sardinian destinations.
You can also find more infos on the Budoni official web site: www.comune.budoni.nu.it 
San Teodoro
San Teodoro is todays one of the most popular Sardinian resorts being located only 25km from Olbia and being the entering south door for the "Emerald coast".
S. Teodoro coastline is characterised impressive beaches and bays. The most famous beach (not only in Sardinia but in Italy too) is "La Cinta". From there you can admire San Teodoro's lagoon with its vegetation and its fauna, including pink flamingos. Very beautiful too is Cala Brandinchianother popular beach known also as Thaiti for its exotic appearance. From every  San Teodoro coastline beach you can see the isle of Tavolara. Thanks to its location, San Teodoro is a perfect starting point for excursions to the northern Sardinia; San Teodoro is also known for its discos, bars and pubs and so fir the nightlife. You can also find more infos on the Budoni official web site: www.comune.san-teodoro.nu.it